How To Backup WordPress Blog To Dropbox

Your blog is your works of months and made with much hard work. But ever thought about any hypothetical scenario like what if the hosting server gets down and loses its data? Your data will be gone too!. So that you should Backup WordPress Blog.

However, the best solution for any security threat against your site is taking a backup and save it. There are few paid, and free plugins are available in WordPress plugins library.

Ignoring other plugins, I use Updraft plugin, and I do recommend too. Let check out how to take backup with that.

Backup WordPress Blog

First all, download UpdraftPlus and install the plugin on your blog and activate it.

In this tutorial, we will teach you a method to get scheduled backups on Dropbox. So mainly, you need a Dropbox account, sign up there if you don’t have an account there else scroll down.

First all, open dashboard, get that slider out and click on ‘Settings’ and one more small menu will come out. As highlighted below screenshot, click on ‘UpdraftPlus Backups.’ 

Backup WordPress plugin

After then, you will be taken to page like below, click on ‘Settings’ tab as highlighted in below screenshot.

Backup WordPress

After that, you will see many options there, as hovered below, click on Dropbox.

Backup WordPress Blog

Then, the page like below screenshot will appear. As highlighted in below screenshot, tap on ‘Save Changes’ button to go on.

Backup WordPress Blog

Now, it will redirect you to Dropbox’s page and ask for the permissions from you, do click on ‘Allow’ to permit them to save your backups there.

Backup WordPress permission

Then, you’ll be taken to an orange page like below screenshot. Click on ‘Complete setup.’ 

Backup WordPress setup

Here, notice the sentences written in the green outlined box. It means your setup has been successful.


Backup WordPress Blog final

Now you’re safe from any Hypothetical scenario, feel free to ask any questions regarding this post.

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