WordPress Vs Blogger – Detailed Comparison of both

Blogging is the best method to express your thoughts on the Internet without social media. With blogging, people can make money too which what can be done social media.

But whenever anyone wants to start a blog, he/she will have two options. WordPress and blogger. There are other blog builders who provide blogging services, but those aren’t much powerful as these two. But choosing correct blog builder because it’s not easy to move to another one.

So, I’ve made a comparison post for you guys to help in making decisions. So let’s start with Blogger.com


It’s needless to say Google owns that blogger. You can access this service at blogger.com and sign up or sign in using your Google account. Once you sign in you will be redirected to your account panel which will look like this.


You see ‘Create A Blog’ button in the center. Click on that to build your blog.


Now, you need select your blog’s title and name. Name means the address of your blog. It means that if choose Trickslib as your blog’s name, your blog’s address will be Trickslib.blogspot.com. However, you can add your own paid domain later.

This service gives all needed functionalities like many Themes to choose and customizable, adding Paid domains, control on User comments and extra pages. You can even have widgets.

When it comes to writing post, the writer panel will look like this.


You can do all that you want to add in a post like adding images, links, bold texts, italic texts and much more.

Negative points of blogger is

  • Customizing the theme is difficult, it takes much more time than it should.
  • Sometimes, the image we add in the post, will not be in correct alignment.

Now come to positive points

  • Its owned by Google, so you get better attention on blogger than WordPress by Google for SEO.
  • Your post and page will index quite faster in Google the other sites


Now coming to WordPress,

WordPress is quite easy and handy. You can start your blog on WordPress by wordpress.com, or you can make your blog on your paid hosting with WordPress script.

Let’s start with wordpress.com,

You can sign up at there and make your blog, click on the Get Started button to sign up. The button is highlighted in below picture.


After that, you will see a sign-up page which will look like this.


Select free plan, fill these details and sign up.

Then you will be redirected to your new account panel of wordpress.com. Take a look at below picture.


You will see that there aren’t many options. Only essential features to access. Quite disappointing but not much because all options are available if you buy the premium plan.

Coming to the writing panel,

WordpressCom-writing-panel This would disappoint you if you were expecting all the functions.

However, take a look at positive and negative points before making the decision.

Positive points

  • Easy follow system, means user can subscribe blog easily
  • If you have better traffic, you can get extra traffic from WordPress itself.

Negative points

  • Very basic control on blog like watching statistics, moderating comments and upload images
  • You can upload images only which is limited too, and you can upload 2gb data
  • You can’t use your traffic to earn money from the free plan.
  • To access most needed features, you need to buy premium plans.


Now, wordpress.org.

You need a paid hosting so that you can install WordPress script which is available for free on WordPress.org.

You need to have knowledge about server and database connections but once you set up. You will feel that whole blog in under your control. And that true. The best part is, you can add plugins which can be much useful and time-saving.

The dashboard of your blog will look like this,


You will see that lot of options there, and you can modify your blog as you want.

Comming to the writing panel, it looks like this,


You will see quite same as wordpress.com now let’s discuss positive and negative points

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Positive points

  • Completely under control and modifiable
  • Can Add plugins and outer themes
  • Can place ads and earn money.

Negative points

  • If your hosting service gets down, your site will be down.
  • In case if your hosting service crashes, you will lose all data. However, there are few plugins available which help to take backup and save.

Conclusion time, so you have read the whole post, and you may make your choice. But if you still couldn’t then let me help you.

In blogger, you will get SEO benefits by default

In WordPress, you can modify and write posts easily, but there are no SEO advantages. You need to start from zero.

However, you can see that we decided to use wordpress.org’s service.

Now your choice. Have a good day.

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