How to get Google Adsense Approval for a New Blog

Once you’ve written some quality contents, the next work is placing ads on the blog because the traffic you get will be useless for a developer is his blog is not monetized. Whenever it comes to best ad networks to use, Adsense always comes first because of serving related ads and best CPC rates.

However, getting your site approved is not easy and Adsense is quite strict while approving sites. You must follow the guidelines if you want to get approved your blog/site.

1. Post Only Appropriate Contents Only.

Its impossible to get Adsense approval if your blog hosts any controversial content like hate speech, gambling, nudity or graphic violence. Even other ad networks will reject if you have host any content like this, delete if you’ve posted.

2. Post Original Contents.

It simply means the content is written by you. Its ok if you take small information from any other site but make sure that whole article should not be copied.

Suppose, you and someone else is posting an article on the same topic. You will need to have all the information about the topic and write whatever You think and found on that topic rather than checking out what others wrote on that topic. Hope you understood this.

3. Do Not Use Copyrighted Materials Like Images, Videos etc.

If you already have used copyrighted materials, delete it. Even other ad networks won’t approve if you’re having any copyrighted contents. Usually, blogger does use copyrighted images. There are few sites where you can copyright free images. We will come up with a list of that sites soon.

4. Make Your Site’s Design User-Friendly

Google is caring about designs too nowadays. Surprisingly, they can reject your blog if your blog’s design is bothering for users. So select the theme for your blog carefully. You can also buy themes for your blog from MyThemeShop.

Also if you have bothering popups, remove it because it can be the reason for rejection.

Adsense Approval

Just posting and posting won’t help. You need to add some site information page like ‘About Us’, ‘Disclaimer’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages and link all the pages from the home page.

Also, write at least 10-15 blog posts with a minimum of 500 words.

You may get rejected if you won’t follow completely. Always read the reason which Google gave in rejection mail. Don’t get sad if you face rejection, I was also rejected 6 times but I kept following the rejection reasons and got approval on 7th time.

So obviously, I have experience with it.? Kindly follow to get approval.

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