How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

There was a golden period for Facebook page admins from the year 2010-2016. But as we know, rules for page admins aren’t friendly as it was before, current rules and algorithm are very strict and anti-spammers. But still you can Get More Likes on Facebook Page.

Still, there are many genius ways to Get More Likes on Facebook Page. And believe me, if you follow these steps to increase likes, you will definitely have the audience with much more engaged with posts.

Get More Likes on Facebook Page

Get More Likes on Facebook Page

Invite To Like The Page

A brand new page needs base likes to grow up. Atleast 1000 likes for begging of pages. You can use Facebook’s Invite your friend’s feature which allows inviting people from your Facebook account’s friendslist. When you invite someone to like your page, he/she will get a notification on Facebook and liking the page totally depends on the person whom you’ve invited.

Keep Posting Regularly

To gain likes continuously, you need to make posts regularly. Not like making 20-30 posts on Sunday and go offline for a month. Regularly and on perfect times.

Start Posting Interesting Contents

for regular posting, it doesn’t mean that you need to make posts doesn’t matter if it’s interesting or not. Post contents which you like to serve your audience. If you don’t care about quality posts, you can loss gained likes too.

Increase Engagement On Posts

There are few types of post by which you can increase post engagement

    • Hold A Caption Contest:  many page owners do this whenever they have an image which can be used a meme with a perfect caption. If you have a picture which has multiple meanings, you can hold a caption contest and take name of people who gave best 5 captions could be the prize of contest.
    • Conduct A Poll: we every one doesn’t have same thoughts. The poll is the best method to know the thoughts and public opinion. You can post polls relevant to your page or trending topics. At the end of the poll, you will have gained engagements and you might be able to know public opinion tilt.
    • Ask Questions: You ask questions to your audience, and they will answer in the comment section. By this, Comment engagement will increase, and you will know about your audience more. The question you ask can be relevant to your niche or it can be a mathematical puzzle but make sure that the difficulty level of questions is medium. Easy questions will be ignored and too tough questions won’t get answers.
    • Funny Memes: Making memes is easy, and you can make memes using apps but make sure that memes you post are funny and humorous. Memes are considered as the weapon on social media as memes attract more attention the other posts. Be careful if your using copied memes. Give them credit while posting. Too much copied memes can kill your audience’s interest in your page.
    • Ask To Fill The Blank: You need to creative as it needs a line which can have multiple meanings if you remove a word from the sentence.
      For example.

      Donald Trump Is ________ Of America

      And then people will comment words which they think. You can make sentences and put a blank and ask to fill the blank.
    • Organise Contest: You might have participated in social media contests even I’ve participated many times when I was new on Facebook. Big brands like Bigrock and HostGator used this method. You can organize a contest without spending huge money. You can make contest prize as Coffee Mugs, T-shirts or something relevant to your niche like a web hosting service owner can offer free hosting as a prize. And to organize a contest, just ask to comment number between your selected limit. Suppose you’ve chosen number 1-500 and asked users to choose any number between the limit. Then you can choose your number from Random.Org. Once you get a number, you can match the number from the user comments and the person who has commented the same number will be the winner. You can organize contests multiple time, and it will increase users craze about your page.

Share Posts In Groups

A better way to get likes. First all, find groups which are relevant to your page and send a join request. Once the admins of the groups approve, start posting quality posts with mentioning your page. Dont just spam as it can destroy your page’s reputation in Facebook’s eyes and Facebook can punish you by showing your page on the last page even if users have searched your page’s name.

Put Your Page’s Like Boxes On Your Blog

This for bloggers and website owners. There are certain plugins by which you can show your page’s feed and “Like” button too. Thats an important task if you care about page likes.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is almost completely different from Twitter. While hashtag system is the backbone of Twitter, hashtags is just one more feature from their thousands of features. However, Facebook’s hashtag system is still much useful for “breaking news” & “current affairs”. If You use hashtags correctly, you can gain huge like within a day. This will help you to Get More Likes on Facebook Page.

Advertise Your Page

If can invest money on your page to get likes faster, then Advertise your page or boost your best posts. While boosting a post, select “People Whom You Target” and add relevant interest.
Always when you attempt to boost, there will be a number with the name of “Estimated Like”. Make sure that you want enough likes with your money or not.



The old trick which you might have read on other blogs are not working. So repeating those methods aren’t useful.
However, the method we have shown are tested, and we recommend to follow these tips to get More Likes on Facebook Page. Have a good day.

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