What is Event Blogging? – Complete Guide To Make Money From Event Blogging

Want to earn money in short time? From internet? Well, there are many methods to earn money from internet but almost every method requires hard work and time + patience except event blogging. Many bloggers have shared their experiences of event blogging with earning reports.

If you target a big event, you will face high competition but if you’ve quality content and backlinks from higher reputed blogs, trust me! You can earn more than 1000$! But when you try event blogging for the first time, smaller events are suggested to try.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about event based blogging. I will give a complete detailed tutorial. So let’s start with basic questions.


What is event based blogging? And why one should do an event based blogging?

So when an event comes, for example, the event is the new year. What did people do? Wish each other and celebrate it, right? But in this generation, people wish each other by texting and send pictures mostly.

What we can do is making “wishing pictures” and “wishes texts” because the person whos gonna wish will search “happy new year wishing pictures” or something like this to find a good picture and download and send it to their relatives, friends, co-workers, etc.

So our work is to make useful and best quality wishing pictures and wishing texts then upload it to your blog.

In-case if you haven’t any idea about how to make a blog, read this article before going down.

But if you know this part well, scroll down.


How To Write A Best Post For Event Blogging

Usually, bloggers make a new separate blog for an event then make few posts there. But thats not necessary. You can make a special events blog and target multiple events one by one.

Now, what posts you can make for one event? Here’s the list of suggestions.

For example, the event is XYZ. 

  • XYZ images/text wishes, image/text quotes, videos
  • Here’s why we celebrate XYZ
  • Facts about XYZ
  • [10 – 15 – 25] tips for XYZ event
  • [10 – 15 – 25] things you can do on XYZ event day

Note: the 10 – 15 – 25 number you see its number of things you can post in a ‘listicle’. For example, 10 facts about “New Year” you must know. 

Many articles more you can post as it depends which event is. The article “XYZ wishes & quotes” is supposed to be your main article and make sure you link in every post you make related to the event.


Choosing & Targeting Keywords

You must know what are you doing and what are its results could be”

So, this is the main part of what you should take care seriously. You must target all or maximum keywords related to the event. And how to do it? Let me explain.

First all, find keywords related to the event. You can use Google’s keyword planner if you can pay else there are few reliable free services for this task. I use TheHoth for this.

Once you target one or multiple keywords, start working on it but make sure you primarily target a single keyword. For example, you can target “Happy New Year 2018″ as a primary keyword, but after it, you can target related keywords like “Happy New Year In India” then write articles on this.

So, there are two main ways to target keywords which are mentioned below.

  • Buying A Relevant Domain: Thats the first and main step you should do. Either you can buy a new domain which is recommended or you can add an “event” segment in your existing blog which might disappoint you. If you go for buying a new domain, make sure that you use the primary keyword in domain’s name. For example, HappyNewYear2018.com, these simple names might be registered before you look, but still, you can add some relevant words and buy the domain. Make sure that the domain name is not too long before buying.
  • Posting Quality Posts: As I mentioned the word “quality,” do care about it. Don’t disappoint readers as if they press back button immediately after clicking on your site from Google. Google will consider the article as low-quality content and throw down the rankings so take quality as a priority and make posts carefully. You can write about the event, not necessarily lengthy post but the interesting article to read and also you can add wallpapers, designs, gift cards, gif images.

    “Show your hard work & dedication in the posts.”

Once you target keywords carefully, next step is monetization.


How To Monetize An Event Based Blog

You will start getting low traffic before the event, but on the event day, if you’ve worked well, you might get very high traffic. Many hostings can’t handle too high traffic in a short time, and it results, your blog can go down which is worst ever thing can happen. For better hosting experience, we suggest Bluehost which we too use.

Comming to the point, on the event day you will get too high traffic but must know how to convert traffic into $$$.

There are two suggested methods to make money on the event blog

  • Use Ad networks: Mostly used and suggested method to earn money from internet. There are various ad networks, but as we know, no ad network is competitive front of Adsense. Read it’s guidelines and make sure your blog follows all the guidelines before applying for approval. You must apply 30 days before the event as it takes time for approval and if you get rejected, you can try other ad networks too.
    For other ad networks information, read:

    5 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers
  • Affiliation Marketing: There are various platforms which allow to sell products and make commissions from it.

    If you have lesser knowledge about affiliating marketing, read:

    5 Affiliation Networks you can sell relevant products for higher sells

Work on SEO carefully

First all, if your content is weak the working on Search engines optimization is completely useless and time [weasting] but if you’ve worked well do follow few tips

  • Build quality backlinks: Google updates it’s algorithm frequently but backlinks it still important for SEO and will be in future too. For building backlinks, I’ve written to complete detailed article. Read: Backlinks Buildings Methods
  • Use proper keywords in images’ alt texts and caption. Like I said, focus on primary keyword first, the image you add in the articles/listicles must not be alt texts and captionless.
  • Use a Paid Theme: The services and responsiveness you can get in the paid theme are impossible for a free theme. Free themes aren’t made with many dedications, and in results, it can’t compete with paid themes. Paid themes are mostly SEO friendly, so here you will have an advantage for SEO. For paid themes, we suggest MyThemeShop.

After works of days and nights, sleep well on the event night check out earning next day. If you’ve made bombastic earnings, do share this post with bloggers community groups.

If you the thoughts or questions, write down in the comments section.

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