How To Earn Money From Facebook – 6 Effective Ways

Listening to the word “Social media”, the site will come to your mind is Facebook and there no doubt in Facebook’s popularity. Facebook is world’s #1 social media network with more than 1 billion active users. There are few other social media networks too on the internet, but no site is standing front of Facebook. You can easily Earn Money From Facebook.

Signing on your Facebook is just like going in the super city where millions of friendly peoples are staying and its easy to friendship with them. Because of its advanced features, everyone still prefers for Facebook despite having alternative choices. In saying simple words, you can have all the main features in Facebook while other social networks are in special and expert in various places like hashtag of Twitter and filters of Snapchat.

Facebook was made in 2004 and its more than 14 years and still on the top of the list. This is definitely done because of craze about Facebook and Facebook friends. But have thought of earn from this social media platform? Yes! You can earn money where from Facebook, the place where you come to chat with friends and scroll down the feed. To start earning on Facebook, you will need large audience connection with you. There are three ways to connect with the audience on Facebook and to Earn Money From Facebook.

1. Making a Facebook Group:

Making group is one of the best features of Facebook. You can make a group whenever you want, and making group is extremely easy. After that, you can add people to the group on your Facebook. You might be thinking of friend adding has a limit of 5,000 friends then how you will reach more people? Well, you can allow group members to add more people. The group members number can grow higher if your group have interesting talks and pictures sharing. The more interesting group, the more it will grow up faster. However, there is the only organic method of getting members into groups as Facebook don’t have features like advertising group.

2. Making A Facebook Page:

The best and recommended method is making a page, and this feature is available for everyone on Facebook. Making a page and posting contents is easy but growing audience is quite difficult. You have to make your page filled up with interesting contents so that people come to your page somehow but likes the page before leaving. There is also a shortcut in this way, you can pay some money to advertise your page.

3. Making People Follow Your Profile:

Now, this is the hardest method but too much beneficial after you reach a significant number of followers. You need to be an expert in your favourite niche. The posts you make on your profile must be high level posts and make your posts, so conventional that is any new viewer comes at your profile, he presses the follow button before leaving. Before starting this, disable ‘Add Friend’ option on your account and make sure that you’ve enabled following feature. If not, enable it.

How To Earn Money From Facebook After Having Audience

Once you reach a significant amount of audience on Facebook, then there are four ways to earn money from Facebook.

 1.  Start A Online Blog:

This is the best and recommended method because of few reasons. Starting a blog is not difficult as rocket science. Anyone can start a blog at free or paid. While free is not so useful like paid. We always recommend you to choose paid service but in-case if you still can’t make your decision of choosing paid or free service, then read out a recent post about WordPress.Org Blogger And WordPress.Com Detailed Comparison. Post unique and quality posts on the blog and care about titles you write. There is a serious note that you should never use adult words on your blog. After posting numbers of posts, you can choose best ad network suitable for your blog and then place ads and earn.

2. Affiliating products:

Those who don’t want to go into blogging and earn with shortcuts, this is the method. You can easily start affiliating products using affiliation networks. You will need to give better reviews and posting offers. If you’re good at the convincing audience, you can earn huge amount of commission.

3. Social Influence:

If you’ve followed the 3rd method of getting the audience, means if you have profile followers then you’re expert in your niche. With that followers, you can advertise or sell anything related to your niche, and there will be a high response.

4. Selling Your Audience (FB Page/Group):

There are many people with a business mind who can invest money and make the profit. You can also find such kind of business minded people in buying selling Facebook groups. You can simply post your offer there with prices, and people will contact you. Just deal carefully and avoid scammers.

5. Sponsored Links & Shares:

If you large audience on Facebook Page or Profile, you will start getting requests for sponsored posts and links. You can setup prices and ToS for offers. This is the best way to earn on Facebook because only it needs is the audience.

6. Use Facebook Apps:

This method is for those who know coding but don’t worry if you don’t know codings from various sites like w3schools. Make a unique and attractive app, so people use your app to have fun. For revenue, you can setup In-App purchase system.


So these were the 6 methods to Earn Money From Facebook.

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